How our Market is Different

FullSizeRender-3The market aims to support local sustainable agricultural activity and increase the supply of locally grown food. Local food is not only fresher, it also preserves genetic diversity, promotes energy conservation, supports local farm families, builds community and preserves open space.

On site farm inspection happen twice per season. We do not allow re-selling or undocumented selling for a neighbor.   All growers bring only what they grow. We do allow a grower to sell for their neighbor or family member with the appropriate documentation and with prior approval of the market manager. Sedona Community Farmers Market (SCFM) has initiated food safety education programs for growers in Northern Arizona in collaboration with University of Arizona Extension Office of Yuma and Yavapai Counties based on USDA’s Good Handling and Good Agricultural Practices known as GHP/GAP. All growers attending SCFM have a Certificate of Completion for USDA’s GHP/GAP food safety seminar.  All of this is very important to maintain a quality product.

There are many new farmers markets popping up every year.  Markets ideally need to work together on timing and prevent duplication of vendors to really help the producer scale up.  Unfortunately, multiple markets are not always conducive to helping vendors but instead can dilute carefully crafted momentum.  Duplication and poorly planned expansion can lead to vendors having to work 2 extra days for the same amount of money. This is counter productive, especially in a small community like ours.

As a customer, please be aware that every market is set up differently with different degrees of checks and balances.  Some markets, unfortunately, operate completely without farm inspection or soil management accountability, for example.

Please ask the grower or market management how they manage product quality to keep everyone accountable.  What feed is used for chickens?  What is put in the soil?  Do they grow cover crops during the winter?  Is the produce offered exclusively from the growers garden?

There are many growers in larger metropolitan areas, for example, who do not grow what they offer to the public, sometimes they import from Mexico or CA during seasonal changes or crop failure.   Sometimes you see these types of venues in smaller areas too.   We do not allow undocumented re-selling at SCFM.

There are 2 markets in our area now that do not have this type of accountability.  There is one grower who buys all over Camp Verde and offers it under his farm’s name. Over the years we have found several growers who have done this locally and they are no longer permitted to sell at our market, Flagstaff Community Market or Prescott Farmers Market where the same philosophy on traceability or  “no re-reselling” of produce is shared.

Has the grower submitted the appropriate documentation to sell for a neighbor?  If not, the grower cannot sell at the market.

Where does our food come from?  We take this question seriously.  You can check our vetting process by reading our application requirements here.

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