Katrin,  I just want to give you kudos on the Farmer’s market.  It is a great idea and you have done a terrific job.  Let me know if I can help in any way.
Rob Adams, Mayor of Sedona

Just a quick note to say thanks to whomever is responsible for the farmer’s market.  Stumbled onto it by accident and bought wonderful stuff, will be back regularly.
L. M. Neel

Wonderful products for great prices.  Wonderful environment for getting to know people and learn potentially beneficial information.
G Gray

A wonderful gathering of locals and visitors, giving flavor of fresh goodness to all attendees.  Really a treasure to the community.
T. Carito

And those citizens and visitors who I’ve talked to are so supportive; it is reassuring to know there are people who believe local growers to be an important part of the economy!
D. Kessler,  Vendor

The market not only brings great food but it is a great place for community spirit to flourish.
B. Grace

It is essential to buy and consume local food – good for local economy and good for the body!
J. Kernodle

The market educates customers about nutrition and healthy food, shows Sedona’s interest in becoming less dependent on food from 1000s of miles away and creates connections with farmers whose families have been here since the civil war!
J. Bishop JR

It is so important to do what we can to buy locally, especially when it comes to fresh vegetables and other products that are made locally.  This helps our neighbors, the farmers, and perhaps most importantly, our environment.  The farmers market engenders a sense of our community being a vital, healthy place to live and is a source of good energy all year long.  I was so grateful when the summer market began, and delighted when it was announced that it would continue through the winter.  Please keep it up!
S. Holiday

I really like being able to trust that I am buying naturally grown food of superior quality; I feel joy being in this community that supports one another’s health and well being.  Since I have been able to depend on the market to be ongoing each week,  it has not only enriched my life, it has become a way of life.  Thank you, Katrin, for contributing to and for enhancing our community by starting the Farmers Market and being willing to continue it and make it grow.
J. Sierra

Thank you! The work you have done and continue to do to keep the market alive will continue to be the foundation for more sustainable living in all of Northern Arizona.  Thank you for your wisdom, your insight and the generosity of your spirit.

I have gone to every market since its start in June 09.  I want to do all I can to support the growth and marketing of local produce.  I am impressed with the reasonable pricing of the high quality produce at the market.
Chiara Gasparro, PhD ED