Healthy Gut with Herbologist Dan Sapienza

Cabbage ImageIt’s the simplest booth at the market: no colorful displays of products, no fancy packaging or enticing piles of fresh veggies, just a plain white tent and a few classic clear glass jars. And one intriguing bottle of something pale green in an unspecified liquid. Danny Sapienza, trained in herbology, has devoted the past 50 years of his life to using foods as medicine. His company, Super Foods Rejuvenative Medicine, reflects his conviction that the “flora” in our guts requires regular attention in order to maintain a healthy, happy body. Danny is a strong believer in raw, fermented vegetables as a way to improve digestion, support immune systems, and contribute to reducing toxins and revitalizing cells in the body. His “Rejuvenation Fermentation Kit” is designed to create foods extremely high in probiotics and comes with easy to follow instructions on how to make fermented vegetables in your home. In addition to his long standing participation at the Sedona Community Farmers Market, Danny regularly teaches the fermenting process through OLLIE classes. You can also find his products at the Chocolate Tree in Sedona, Hot Yoga in Cottonwood and the Desert Oasis in Cornville. What’s in the jar? Fermented cabbage and caraway seeds. It’s great as base for potato salad. Try some. You’ll like it!