AZ Finest Honey

Kaur Honey

Arizona’s Finest Honey Gerard Kaur, proprietor of “Arizona’s Finest Raw Honey, chats with visitors who were excited to discover that one of Gerard’s sons is deployed in their homeland Korea. People always ask Gerard Kaur “How do you get those different flavors of honey if it’s all natural?” The answer is simple when you think about it…it’s the surrounding environment. If the hives are enclosed by a forest of acacia and cat claw, that’s one variety.  If it’s spring you could be tasting late bloom-ing mesquite, or if it’s been a great year for wildflowers their essence is incor-porated by the bees into honey. There’s also honey infused with the aroma of horehound that tastes like old fashioned cough medicine!  Gerard has been keeping bees since 1973. His first hives were located in what became Slide Rock State Park.  Now they’re scattered through out Yavapai County, including at Arcosanti. What does Gerard find so fascinating about bees? He says, they can pretty much manage themselves, and he likes their energy. Although the other morning he went to check on them and discovered that they were “angry!”   Gerard’s honey is raw and unfiltered so all the healthful attributes produced by the bees are passed along, like one customer succinctly put it, “it’s angel food!”

Written by Laura Cox

Photo by Farmers Market