Monsoon Musings at Orme Ranch

August 30, 2013:  Many a local rancher has cut down their herd during this 9 year drought. So when the rains come in abundance, it brings with it hope for renewed and continuing life on the range!

Orme Ranch Branding Calves JBFrom Orme Ranch’s Diana Kessler:

“These summer rains bring out the smiles and relief in us and our lands. The animals, all sorts, are eating great fresh forage and drinking rain water, which is a treat for them. The plants are able to grow new leaves, send up flowers (grasses flower as well!) and set seed for the following crop to germinate from. Roots grow vigorously in order to green up and grow new plant material in the next season after the next moisture falls.

The cows give lots of milk to their healthy growing calves which will wean in Oct/Nov. This means a better income for the ranch. When combined with good forage and water, the ranch will be in good shape to withstand another 18 months of drought or really flourish if the next season turns out to be wet.

The rains are vital to the soil microbes, especially fungi. Microbes flourish when we plan our cattle grazing to benefit them which allows us to increase the forage for cattle and wildlife of all types and creates more beneficial microbes! An amazing cycle of sustainable support for all these life forms and thereby humans.

Rains brings out the best of optimism in us and we love them – they smell good and make us happy!”