What is in your Tea?

August 30, 2013:  We found an article that peaked our interest on HERBAL TEAS.

To read the article please, click here:  WHAT IS REALLY IN YOUR TEA?

We are grateful to offer  an alternatives at the farmer’s market:  Herbescent Organic Tea & Botanicals.   Feel free to approach the owner, Laureen Grenus, about the article.  She will explain how her teas are sourced, processed and packaged for purity and freshness with your health in mind.


Here is her company overview:

Herbescent offers the true authentic herbal tea experience with exceptional quality. Holding the intention of achieving harmony in the Body, Mind and Spirit vicariously via a cup of remarkably soothing tea . The ancient principle of natural medicine, “body heal thyself”, underlies the creation of each individual tea.

A pioneer and herbal advocate, Laureen Grenus, began formulating herbal healing teas for individuals in her Herb shop in 1992. After selling her shop in 2004 she founded Herbescent Tea & Botanicals to increase availability of her healing blends Nationwide. While upholding and honoring the enchanting and historical legacy of Herbalism, Laureen continues to uniquely blend many varieties typically hosting eight or more various herbs. Each formulation is thus a complex herbal remedy tea rarely seen in the market today.

Using exceptional care and the finest quality organic & fair trade ingredients Herbescent produces various collections of tea. These collections consist of teas for calming and purification, brain tonic teas, immune support teas & more…

These special formulations created by Laureen, the *Healing Tea Lady*, are a delicious infusion that only Mother Nature could produce. Enjoy this sensual herbal experience and allow the body to do the rest.

We take great care to use certified organic, fair trade & wild-harvested herbs whenever possible; this makes a better tasting beverage in addition to protecting you and the environment. We are a small company that preserves strong values of purity and environmental responsibility.