Aguiar Farm – Vendor of the Week!

Aguiar Farm Family“My Dad is the hardest working person I know,” says Rocío Aguiar of her father Fernando. His hard work is showcased every Friday at the Sedona Community Farmers Market, with a mouth watering display of garden-fresh vegetables picked that morning by the family on their farm at Paulden, Arizona. Fernando believes you can “live a good life when you work hard.” At the Aguiar booth you will find peppers, chilies (roasted on site if you choose), cabbage, corn, beets, onions, garlic, squash, tomatoes, lettuces, black, red and green grapes, herbs-in fact everything you need for a delicious, healthy meal!Fernando spent almost two decades as a plumber in Phoenix before returning to his roots in agriculture. Growing up in Mexico, with seven brothers and sisters, working the land to help feed the family was just part of life. All the produce on the 17 acre Paulden farm is grown from seed without pesticides, chemicals or herbicides. There is a small greenhouse for starting plants. Aguiar Farm is an approved WIC certified producer and WIC checks are ac-cepted at his booth. It is truly a “family farm,” with Fernando, his wife and four children all involved in the daily farming activities. And, at the Aguiar Farm and booth, hablamos Español!This is Fernando’s first year at the Sedona market. Our customers are delighted and we’re excited to announce that he’ll be joining us when we move to our winter market in West Sedona early in November. How does Fernando respond to his daughter’s comment? With a big grin!

Told by Laura Cox