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Latest Market Update

Spring is in full swing and the market is open weekly on Sundays Noon – 4pm  at Wells Fargo Bank parking lot located at 2201 W SR 89A in West Sedona until May 11th 2014.   On May 11th the market takes a short break and then will reopen for the 2014 Summer Season at our summer location along the creek in Tlaquepaque.  Enrollment is now open for the 2014 Summer Season in Tlaquepaque / Creekside – please click here to download your application.  The market is W.I.C. certified and select vendors receive FMNP vouchers issued by County Community Health Services.

April 2014 Harvest at the Market


Kale, chard, beet greens, collards, beans, rocky mountain lettuce, romaine lettuce, green tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, roma tomatoes, pomegranate, french breakfast radish, arugula, seminole pumpkin, pie pumpkin, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, kabuchi squash, chili peppers, bell pepper, mustard greens, sweet vidalia onion, red onion, heirloom garlic, trays of wheatgrass, garlic, sunflower /sweet pea/ purple/cabbage/clover/arugula/ broccoli /mustard/radish sprouts, pecans, basil, italian parsley, basil, thyme, sage, dill, dried bay leaf, pink lady/granny smith/red delicious apples, pink grapefruit and oranges, dried apple rings, heirloom pears, persimmon, fresh organic popcorn, chicken eggs, hand-made pasta, grass fed beef, breads and pastries, hot raw chocolate drinks and teas.

2013 Vendors and Booths

Sky Hi! Sprouts, Da’-Nede’ Farms, B Naked Chocolates,  Mina Farm & Orchard, Thunderfoot’s Seeds and Tinctures, Hidden Valley Farm, Stutzman Garden, Orme Ranch Grass Fed Beef, Tres Hermanes Beef, Sedona Lavender Farm,  Trailhead Tea, Handwoven Knits by Margie, Sug’Art French Pastries, Spring Creek Ranch, Rose’s Sweet Pastries, Ambaya Gold, Decio Pasta, Golden Beeswax Honey and Candles, Master Gardeners of Yavapai County Extension, Gerard Kaur’s Pure Raw Honey, Crazy Goat Lady plus baby goat, EchoH202 Oxygen Therapy, Natura Spice,  Solarworks, Verde Earthworks, Dreamwalker Creations, Shangri-La Farms, Tickaboo Farm, Lucky B Acres, Mina’s Farm & Orchard, Mario Valeruz, Massage by Patti Sperling.

Untitled10-152Our Mission is to support local agriculture

“The market aims to support local sustainable agricultural activity and increase the supply of locally grown food. Local food is not only fresher, it also preserves genetic diversity, promotes energy conservation, supports local farm families, builds community and preserves open space,” says founding director, Katrin Themlitz.

Sedona Market CD Sampler now available

Sedona Artists perform at the Community Market:
Ralf Illenberger, Ione Angeles, Mike Burdick, Vibhas Kendzia, Porangui & Zang, Dos Geckos and more…