Taste the Local Flavor

Latest Update

Spring Season is open on Sundays, 12-4pm thru May 7th, 2017 at Wells Fargo Bank in West Sedona.  We are currently full and have started a waiting list for new vendors.   Summer Application are now available here.   Summer Season begins on Friday, May 19th, 8-11.30am at Tlaquepaque / Creekside.

Spring Season Market Offerings

Lunch Items: Authentic Italian gluten free cuisine, rustic elegant quiche.

Vegetables:  Tomatoes, cucumbers (Persian, French and lemon), eggplant, potatoes, fennel, celery, candy onions, garlic, beets, leeks, rainbow carrots, broccoli, leaks, turnips, squash blossoms, green and orange bell peppers, kale, radishes, green chile peppers and jalapeños, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, pie pumpkins, micro greens – buckwheat, mung beans, sweet peas, sunflower, wheatgrass trays (pre-order only).

Herbs:  Chives, oregano, coriander seeds, epazote (good paired with beans), sage, thyme, basil.

Fruits, Nuts: Navel oranges, minolas, pink grapefruit, lemons, meyer lemons, pecans.

Canned Artisan Products:  Pickled asparagus, pickled quail and chicken eggs, pickled pricky pear, pickled pineapple, fermented cabbage and more.

Breads and Pastries:   European sourdough and rye, sweet corn bread, cinnamon rolls, donuts, also gluten free and paleo options made from quinoa and almond flours.

Meat, Eggs:  Grass Fed Beef, sausage, organic fed chicken, farm fresh chicken/duck/quail eggs, Italian meatballs.

Healing Products:  kombucha, emu dietary supplements and tinctures, homeopathic tinctures, organic herbal teas, locally distilled essential oils, lavender

Other:  Raw chocolates and truffles, dried lavender flowers, raw honey (mesquite, cat claw), organic teas, jams and jellies, locally roasted coffee, gluten free Italian cuisine, plant starts, worm castings, goat milk products (lotions, soaps, shampoo and body butters), tamales, gluten free vegetable lasagne, eggplant rollatini, and much more!

Our Mission is to support Local Agriculture

“The market aims to support local sustainable agricultural activity and increase the supply of locally grown food. Local food is not only fresher, it also preserves genetic diversity, promotes energy conservation, supports local farm families, builds community and preserves open space,” says founding director, Katrin Themlitz.

On site farm inspection happen twice per season.  We do not allow re-selling.  All growers bring only what they grow.  We do allow a grower to sell for their neighbor or family member with the appropriate documentation and with approval of the market manager.
Sedona Community Farmers Market has initiated food safety education programs for growers in Northern Arizona in collaboration with University of Arizona Extension Office of Yuma and Yavapai Counties based on USDA’s Good Handling and Good Agricultural Practices, also known as GHP/GAP. All growers attending this market have a Certificate of Completion for USDA’s GHP/GAP educational programs.  Market offerings are hand tended, pesticide and chemical free and grown with organic methods.